Moms, Minivans & Mayhem
Over the past year, I have been a part of Diva Business School which is a group of women entrepreneurs who are on a mission to succeed in life and business. In the beginning, most of the calls were business oriented and learning how to push past our comfort zones. What happened along the way is we started sharing our personal struggles and created this bond of friendship that I didn't expect. I knew I could count on these girls to support me in anything that I did. They lifted me up and supported me when I felt like I couldn't do that on my own.

That's what I want to create for moms. There are a lot of times where I have felt like I was alone on this journey of motherhood, that no one understood my frustrations, and that I was failing as a mother. When you stop to take a look around, you can clearly see you are not the only mom out there and we are all dealing with our own struggles.

Do you feel like you lost your identity after having kids? It's so easy to put everyone's needs before your own, but it's time to change that. There is a reason on an airplane they tell you to put on your face mask before helping others. You need to pour as much love into yourself as you pour into others.

Do you feel like you lost your power or control over your kids or in certain situations? We don't realize how much we let our outside circumstances affect us and our reality. Learning how to regain your power and building a strong mindset is a technique that will help you not only with your kids, but in everyday life.
I will coach you on managing your thoughts and feelings when you are frustrated, overwhelmed, or you just want to throw in the towel. ("I can't adult today!") Now I'm not saying I'm the picture perfect mother and my kids never act out because believe me they do!! But since working with my coach, she has taught me different techniques and approaches to situations that can be applied in all areas of your life. There is one book I read in particular that forever changed the way I relate to my kids and I will teach you that method. There are a lot of things we can't control, for example your kid having an epic meltdown in public, but you can control how you react and that's what I'm going to help you with.

This will be an 8 week online course that meets every Wednesday. If you can't make it or miss one, no worries! It will be recorded and I will post the recordings in our private group page after the calls. This is your time and space to regain your power, feel supported, and connect with other women. Enjoy motherhood...don't just survive it!!

The program will begin August 9th!